You’ve found my profile page. I decided I wanted a page that was more me than the various profiles let me. Call it a vanity page. You’ll find some contact info at the bottom of the page.

I get passionate about things. Some pass. some don’t. When I went on-line in the mid 90’s I knew this was for keeps and I’ve been hanging round ever since.

Twitter - jea_1218745912465

When I’m not writing about social media I work (with social networks) in the municipality of Botkyrka. I’m a family and network counselor. That means I have conversations about problems that affect children and youths who live in Botkyrka, south of Stockholm.

When we discuss a problem we always hold the conversation in the context where the problem lives. It’s quite simple, really. Make a space for people and invite those who are affected by the problem. Mostly people are happy to come.

There you have my fascination with the web and how we connect in different, more visual conversations. There’s noise and echoes, just like in real life. People will echo what’s important.

You can look me up in places like Twitter and Facebook.

If you like reading I write for a Swedish social media outfit, nothing in My FriendFeedEnglish there, I’m afraid,

My English language blog is here, on a blog platform called Profy  If you like social media the Profy blog is a good place to get news and views.

What else is there? FriendFeed! I’m janderson

Well, I’m a very happy granddad, and father for that matter. We stay in touch using every modern means of communication at our disposal. Which is a lot. If you nose around the places I hang out you’ll get glimpses of the kids.

I’m probably going to add to this page. I’m glad I finally got round to starting it. I want to add some people I follow and admire and some details about why I think social networking isn’t just a game. Well, it is a game but it’s an important game.

The quality and size of your social network affects your physical and mental health. Being together and sharing the rough and the smooth is in our biology.

Skype: cjeanderson
Gtalk: je.jonas @ (you’ll have to pull things together to make it work)
ICQ: 398589835

I move between different computers and operating systems. Gtalk is the best bet for IM


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