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Why the stone wall?

May 6, 2008

This is crazy. I’m living in a country that hasn’t fought a war for over a hundred years. So they say. Truth is that there are Swedish soldiers all over the world. Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan. Places like that.

American soldiers get killed due to negligence. Suicide here and an accident here. If this happened in a hospital or a normal workplace, somebody would be held accountable.

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Truly thinking I might move again

May 4, 2008

Possibly I’m moving, Again. I really blog better on an own domain. Still thinking. Still, I can get a domain for $15 from WordPress. Worth thinking about.

Just for the hell off it

April 23, 2008

Sometimes, or maybe most times, I write just for the hell off writing. It’s a great skill we’ve developed. Unique among species on earth.

I love reading and writing and I want to do it every day. Some days there isn’t much to write about. Today I sifted through some drafts I’ve saved on one of my Swedish blogs and came across a piece from Wired. It’s about a videoblogging war correspondent named Kevin Sites. Go read.

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